Introducing Eversible

Advancing Hosting Technology

Eversible's team has administrated multi-user Unix systems for over two decades, and continues to push the boundaries of distributed Unix hosting. What that means to you as a customer is the ability to benefit from technical breakthroughs such as Eversible's transparent VPN networking, resulting in fewer connection drops and greater security between our sponsored systems.

Eversible Hosting continues to strive in assessing your needs in this area.

Eversible DRM and Content Delivery (CDN)

Specialising in protecting media and streaming live events at high quality, Eversible's Content Delivery Network has been in production operation since 2006.

To guarantee optimal performance for content delivery, Eversible's hosting network is geographically distributed across 5 cities on 2 continents. Major access points include Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Amsterdam and London (UK).

Please do not hesitate contacting us about your particular content delivery or DRM needs.

Eversible Proxy Scanners

Eversible runs and maintains a proactive open proxy detection array. This multi-node scanner scrapes the Internet for information about open proxies, and confirms these at a rate of ca 1,300 open proxies per hour.

Information about detected open proxies is then passed on to partner organisations and also contributed to a publicly queryable blacklist, (hosted and maintained by the Eris Free Network). Eversible's scanning array typically contributes around 25,000 unique SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP and TOR proxies per week to the blacklist and other data recipients.

If you have problems with abuse from open proxies drop us a note - we're happy to suggest ways to protect your forum, shopping cart, IRC network/channel, etc.. against these.

Eversible Shell Gateway*

The Eversible Shell Gateway project began in 2007 as a study in maintaining TCP connections through adverse network conditions and outages. The objective was to keep a connection alive at the cost of additional routing overhead. In early trials TCP/IP connections were kept alive and data integrity preserved through week-long network outages.

Tested in 2009 and officially launched in 2010, Eversible's present generation production gateway VPN links together all Eversible systems through a private network of 3 redundant routes. As a result our shell customers typically only drop from our IRC servers when we're upgrading/rebooting the machines!

If you're unhappy with your current shell provider's stability, drop us a note and ask for a better deal.

* EOL: Oct. 7, 2015.